Saturday, June 23, 2012

Virtual Pilot 3D Reviews?-10 Shocking Facts Before You Buy.

There are many flight simulator on the market so choosing which flight simulator good and realistic is not easy. I help you find the best realistic flight simulator games that work for you and are THE BEST training tools for you. We have independently reviewed of the most popular flight simulator games on the market. Our Pick of the best flight Simulator of 2012 : Virtual Pilot 3D
Virtual Pilot 3D Review – What Exactly Is This Package? Virtual Pilot 3D is one of the best comprehensive and realistic Flight Simulator game the simulation world and flight training tool online today. Nevertheless Virtual Pilot 3D is FAA Certified and used as a live training platform for actual pilots. In this Virtual Pilot 3d review we will take a look at this product and see what are the pros and cons of this package.

Virtual Pilot 3D Review – The Pros and Cons Pros:

  • Fly a Real Airline Route!
Virtual Pilot 3D will construct you a route using current real paths, approach procedures and standard departure, etc. Just fill in the appropriate little of data – departure airport, arrival airport, altitude, what type of routing you want, and then, when it gives you the track path, print it out for your use during your flight experience to 25,000 + real world airports in the full scenery set. It will give you data including VOR/VORTAC, way points with frequencies, etc.
  • Intelligent Air Traffic Control (ATC)
Virtual Pilot 3D has the best ATC module compared to any other available flight sim that includes Tower, Ground, Centre and Approach ATC, Departure. You can also fly under VFR or IFR. You can request vectors to an airport, request ILS, visual or LOC approaches. You can get ATIS for an airport. So, you can request takeoff and landing with 200+ Planes and Helicopters. It make you never run out of new machines to test. .
  • Advanced Navigation Features
VirtualPilot3D supports all modern navigation features including: NDB, VOR, ILS and GPS navigation – just like real life.
  • Autopilot and Instrument Flying
Easy to use “auto-pilot” modes with multiple controls. Enjoy the scenery while the plane flies itself. Fully featured instrument flying capabilities that supports six flight instruments: The Airspeed Indicator (ASI), The Turn Coordinator (TC), The Attitude Indicator (Al), The Vertical Speed Indicator (VSI), The Altimeter (ALT), The Directional Gyro (DG).
  • Dedicated flight planner software:
It makes you to customize your flight, easily and quickly, to any place on Earth before takeoff. It uses real-life information so all you have to do is to search for a plan and location your flight between your airport and your selected destination.
  • Scenery Designer Software:
Create your own landmarks, create your own scenery, new buildings, landscapes, lakes, rivers or Mountains with this program. The world is your oyster with this software. You really can create the world you want to fly in!
  • Free update for Life and a money back guarantee; the free updates ensures that the software stays up-to-date and if you are not fully satisfied with the product, Virtual Pilot 3D also comes with a 60 days money back guarantee, no questions ask.


  • Because this Virtual Pilot 3D is ordered online, you will have to download the Virtual Pilot 3D over the internet and itmay take some time to completely download the entire package (especially if you have a slow internet connection).
  • Virtual Pilot 3D is not an Arcade Game. If instant gratification is more your preference (arcade style flying), Virtual Pilot 3D may not be for you.
Virtual Pilot 3D is an excellent program for exploring the world of flight. Whether you have pilot experience or not, you can climb into the cockpit and fly a plane. If you have ever seen an airplane fly over while walking and wondered how it works or how you could learn to use an airplane, the Virtual Pilot 3D provides you a chance to find out.

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Monday, May 28, 2012

Virtual Pilot 3D - Real Flight Simulator

VirtualPilot3D™ is designed to be 100% real with real scenery, real cockpits and real aircraft! Fact is, no other flight simulator in the market beats this for sheer realism. 

Every single element of the game is designed to give you the real experience of flying a plane. From the fantastic full-sized cockpit mockups and crazy realistic flight dynamics on a deep scientific level!

Since its inception, it has been used as an alternative to the large flight simulators used to train professional pilots.
It is certified for commercial use and provides hardware and frame-rate checks required for FAA certification. VirtualPilot3D™ is also currently in beta testing stage all over participating flight schools worldwide.